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Are you wondering whether bankruptcy is your best option for getting relief from debts that you cannot afford to pay? Are you considering divorce and concerned about the impact that decision might have on your children and your property? Bankruptcy and family law are complex areas of law that should be approached with the help of an experienced attorney.

Arany & Associates has been helping people like you pursue positive legal outcomes for more than 30 years. Based in Indianapolis, we serve clients throughout Central Indiana.

The Experience to Give You Effective Representation

For more than a decade, my legal practice has been focused on bankruptcyfamily lawlitigation lawyer.

Whether you are being threatened with foreclosure, suffering from wage garnishment, considering filing for divorce, seeking modification of a divorce or paternity decree or a child support order or dealing with any other issue in these areas, we can help.

If you have any questions about bankruptcy or family law, please do not hesitate to contact us today for a free telephonic mini-consult.

My name is Lawrence C. Arany and I am the founder and owner of Arany & Associates. I have managed my law firm at the same Indianapolis location since 1979. When you hire us to handle your bankruptcy or family law case, we will personally guide you through each stage of the process. We pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients and prompt in answering any questions that they may have about their legal matter.

Bankruptcy, divorce and other major legal decisions should only be made after you have accurate information about your rights and obligations under the law. We can help you understand your options based on extensive experience representing people like you. Contact us to work with an experienced Indiana lawyer.

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